Breakdown help

Our operators will help you with the following:
1. If possible, conduct a repair themselves
2. Arrange the in-place spare parts delivery 
3. Order the recovery 
4. Assess the scope and cost of the works needed 
5. Arrange the repair at appropriate service station 
6. Check the service cost sheet
7. Arrange the accommodation and car renting 
For sure, everyone who faced the car breakdown on the road just once in life knows that the main thing is to receive a prompt aid and minimize the cost of repair. It will be quite difficult to receive the aid and not go beyond the budget limits abroad. To help you out of the situation we offer you the breakdown help.
In case of the on-road breakdown you should do the following:
 1. Provide for the accident place safety
Stop – switch the emergency signal – place the reflective warning triangle.
Note: If you do not take safety measures the police may impose a fine.
2.  Communication with the police and recovery service 
If the broken car occupies the part of traffic way, you have to call the recovery service. It is prohibited to drive the damaged car. If the recovery service does not provide any information as to where the car was transported, it will be taken to the recovery service station. This may cause additional expenses on the car delivery to the car service station. Therefore, it is important that you call us as soon as possible. Our operators will help you in communication with the police and recovery service.
Note: Recovery service has the right to keep your car until the complete payment of bill. The parking costs from 25, 00 EUR a day.
3. Recovery 
If the car does not hinder the traffic it’s not necessary to call the recovery immediately. The privilege of this situation is that we can choose the appropriate service and recovery in advance. This will save your money as many service stations have their own recovery trucks. Otherwise, you have to agree with the recovery service on a fixed price for the car delivery to the Service Station in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. The best way of the recovery order is facsimile application transmission. In this case you have a document confirming the fixed recovery cost. Quite often, if you do not have such confirmation, the recovery service issues an invoice to the amount much higher than the one stated while placing an order. It is practically impossible to appeal such amount. Our operators will file an appropriate application for the recovery services for you and you will not incur any additional expenses 
4. Repair arrangement 
During repair arrangement it is important to minimize the expenses and receive high-quality services. Critical part is plaid by the choice of the service station. Our specialists will help you to choose an appropriate service station, deliver your car there and will check the repair cost sheet: amount of necessary time and cost of the spare parts. This is money and time-consuming. 
Note: If the cost of the spare parts exceeds 50% of the overall repair costs, you are entitled to the VAT recovery. For this purpose you have to fill in the customs declaration when exiting the EU.
5.  Accommodation and transport 
For the repair period our operators will help you to find and book a hotel and rent a car.