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Truck tire services

On the road your tires bear the brunt of potholes, broken glass, nails, and other stuff that can puncture a tire. AWhelp24 will help you to get back on the road with expert tire repair.

You always want quality service from trusted reliable experts. AWhelp24 offers a wide range of wheel and truck & trailer tire services. From new tires to an emergency exchange and fitting truck tires. Our qualified technicians will help you with any problem. They will perform a free tire check to assess correct tire pressure, tire tread depth, tread wear and balance of your tires, as well as checking for any tire punctures that could cause a flat. It is important to properly inspect your tires and get expert help to repair a tire that has deflated or been punctured. Knowing the difference between a proper and an improper tire repair could be critical to your safety.

Across all Europe, AWhelp24 offers tire repair services including:
-tire check and inspection
-flat tire repair
-tire rotation
-tire mounting
-tire balancing
-wheel alignment

A separate special service is a mobile truck tire fitting. This is an extremely convenient and unique service for any commercial vehicle. Just call AWhelp24 and our mechanics will perform qualified tire fitting right at the place of puncture anywhere in Germany.

All our clients can be sure that their tires will be fixed right the first time and will be right on time. We are committed to our customers and services dozens of commercial vehicles every day across Germany and western Europe.

In addition to our tire repair services AWhelp24 offers an extensive selection of new truck & trailer tires, including winter tires, summer tires, run-flat tires, light truck tires, commercial use tires, economy tires and all-season tires. We provide you wide selection of different tire kits: Fulda, Hankook, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Dunlop, Barum, Changfeng, Changshan, Crown, Cultor, Deruibo, Double Coin, Fesite, Firestone, Goodride, GoodYear, Kormoran, Matador, Michelin, Nokian, Pirelli, Sava, Yokohama.

Truck & Trailer tires in all sizes for steering axle & drive axle:
385/65 R 22.5 Trailer
315/70 R 22.5
385/55 R 22.5 Trailer
445/45 R 19.5
315/80 R 22.5
315/60 R 22.5
295/60 R 22.5
445/45 R 22.5
245/70 R 17.5
295/80 R 22.5
215/75 R 17.5

If you need tire repair, you can count on AWhelp24 professionals to get your tires back in business with quality service and competitive prices.

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